Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why Are Athletic Shoes So Ugly??

I hate to sound so ridiculous, but searching for a new pair of running shoes was a style nightmare! Rows and rows and web pages and pages of out of control tacky shoes! It's bad enough that I have large feet (9.5-10) but putting spider web neon stripes and gigantic soles on a pair of shoes gives me the appearance of a size 12.

"Hey check out my giant feet!! Look I have made them as flashy and large as possible so that they really look unproportionate!"

I almost bought the Reebok Realflex, because they had good reviews and were very minimal, but I could not get over the hideousness. Seriously this picture gives their tackiness no justice, especially in my size. It was too much!

This is what else I was dealing with. Painful.

Not only should you feel good when working out, but I kinda think you should look good too. Caring about how you look boosts your confidence, sweaty or not.

So I finally found a minimal running shoe that works for my style, the New Balance Minimus. They are in the mail, so reviews to come!

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