Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goodbye Soda, Hello Tea

I grew up on Dr. Pepper, I think it may have seeped from my pores during any and all physical activity. It was in every sack lunch and post game thermos, it was (and still kind of is) liquid crack. But that was the 1980's, everything was sugar-based and exciting and colorful! It took a lot of energy to be the 80's. These days, there are absolutely no excuses for the daily consumption of junk when we have access to so much health information (thanks internet). Case in point, giving a three year old a coke 30 years ago was normal, now it's straight up Toddlers and Tiaras parenting.

The irony of the Miss Piggy swimsuit

I still love the magical taste of a Mexican Coca Cola (they use real sugar!) but it's an indulgence....like maybe 3 times a year indulgence. I have known countless friends and family members who live off of soda or diet drinks and it's just unacceptable! There have been plenty of studies done regarding diet soda and it's link to obesity, diabetes, and sometimes cancer. You could technically take these studies either way. Even if the chemicals in diet drinks are NOT to blame there's clearly and scientifically a link between fake sugar and obesity.

It's so important to change up the liquids that are going into your body. We all know that 8 cups of water are essential, so finding ways to get good fluids in your body is a great first step to being healthy.

I have recently been testing out various teas to make my own iced tea at home. For some reason boxed iced teas seem so over the top fruity and I'm really not into that.

Beware of bottled teas (even organic) as they are usually sweetened and full of calories. I am really loving the following hot teas made over ice:

Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea
Yogi Green Tea Goji Berry
Good Earth Jasmine Green Tea
Traditional Medicinals Cranberry Tea

Take 3-4 tea bags in a pitcher half full of boiling water. Let seep for 5-10 minutes and fill with cold water.

Tea can be an acquired taste for some (especially if you are weening yourself off of sugar) so take your time and test out different flavors. Adding citrus helps too.

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