Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't Lose it!! Your Cool of Course...

I am 3lbs away from 20lbs lost. Whoa! Huge right? Then why do I still feel like a chub ball?
It's simple....I am not even halfway there yet.

You have to take everything in stride. I am still unsatisfied with my size, but holy crap I have come insanely far in less than 2 months! Stick with it (yes I'm telling myself this) because eventually I will put on those sexy vintage brown velour pants that have been waiting patiently to peel over my ass. Patiently. For years.

I always hear "organizational experts" telling people to throw away any clothes that you have not worn in over a year. That's bullshit! You should ALWAYS have those items tucked WAY  back in your closet. Those pants will be there for you after some serious hard work so that you can shout (in your mind or outloud)  "holy shit I'm wearing....after....years!!!" Right?

I read once that your life of dieting was so minuscule compared to your life overweight. So dieting for 2 months compared to my life over a healthy size (let's be realistic....7 years) is .02% .

.02%! Seriously? That's nothing!

Let's break it down real simple.
7 years of an unsexy body = 84 months
2 months of dieting/exercise divided by  84 months of chub = 0.0238095238%

Yeah that works for me.

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