Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Mile Mark Today!

I have officially been running for 24 days and made it to 5 miles today! I've noticed that working out on top of running has made things a lot more difficult, but it's important to push through it because the finish line feels so good!

Based on my fatty body I burned 1006 calories! Crazy!! It's such a great feeling to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time.

Don't forget your post run protein window and stretches:

Counting Calories.....Do I Have To???

Counting calories seems like such a pain, but it plays a vital role in reaching your weight loss goal. It is really important to get a general idea of what you are consuming and making small tweaks when needed. Truthfully you may be quite shocked at how many calories you are eating, even when you are making healthy choices. Just because you are subbing an apple with peanut butter for a bag of chips, doesn't mean that you are staying below the limit. Plus, studies have shown that people who self monitor their food intake are a lot more prone to eat smaller proportion sizes and make healthier food choices.

There are tons of super simple logs online to help you easily track your progress and give you a big picture of what you are taking in. It only takes a few minutes too. I highly recommend doing this for 4-6 weeks (not the rest of your life!) or until you have a good grasp of what you can and can not have in a day.

You need to first find out what your calorie limit is in order to reach your goal. Again there are plenty of sites for finding out this information quickly, but this one was quite simple. All you need to do is enter your age, weight, height, activity level, goal weight and time limit.

Health Weight Forum

From there you can get your recommended intake and use this information for your calorie tracking.

Recommended site for calorie tracking:


Monday, February 27, 2012

Using The Internet For Good Not Gossip

We are all guilty of wasting time on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Perez Hilton...pick your poison. Personally I have a tiny addiction to Pinterest, and formally Facebook.

When I started getting healthy, I knew that I needed to slightly change a lot of my habits including what I was surfing for online. So everyday I would Google diets and exercise. It's amazing how much health information is out there, not to mention really great ways to work out smarter. So in essence I turned an unhealthy internet addiction into an informative one. Here are my two recommendations for the week:


Livestrong has countless information on great work outs, quitting smoking, healthy eating and more.

Everyday Health

Everyday Health has an option to make an account and start tracking your progress by logging your exercise and counting calories. It also has tons of information on health related news articles and real success stories.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Running/Walking Log

I want to hold myself accountable as much as possible, so I have set weekly goals for running/walking mileage. Knowing what my weekly goals are and sticking to them is such a great way to really stay on top of my game. My goal for the next two weeks is 10 miles running, 2 miles walking.

First Week:

Monday: 4 Mile Run
Tuesday: 1.5 Mile Run - .5 Mile Walk
Saturday: 2.5 Mile Run - 2 Mile walk
Sunday: 1 Mile Run

It has been very difficult for me to gain significant mileage running on my own. With a running partner, I am pushed so much further. Next week's goal is to complete over 2 miles solo and at least 10 miles total per week.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beginner Core Exercises

All the movement in your body originates from your core, so building it's strength is a vital key to getting stronger, not to mention improving your balance and stability. Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. When you run, walk, ride a bike, or skip across a room — your core muscles are hard at work, keeping you upright, stabilizing your body as your weight shifts, and absorbing impact from ground forces.

The best part about adding a core regimen to your workout? It's less than 5 minutes! Start small and add extra moves when you build strength.

It is recommended to do your core exercises at least three times a week. If you work your core muscles to fatigue during an exercise session, wait at least a day between workouts to allow the muscles to recover.

Here are some great beginner core exercises:

The Basic Elbow Plank:

Start by holding this position for 30 seconds. Don't forget to breathe! I did this almost every night for a week and then added 15 seconds each week afterward.

Once you feel comfortable holding this plank for 60 seconds, you can slowly begin adding leg and arm movements.

Plank With Diagonal Arm Reach:

Level: Difficult
•Start in an elbow plank, then walk your legs apart until they are a bit wider than your hips.
•Keeping torso stable, lift your right arm up and slightly out on the diagonal. Hold this position for two seconds, then return to elbow plank.
•Repeat with the left arm. This completes one rep.
•Do two sets of six reps.

Plank Leg Lift:

Level: Moderate
•Start in an elbow plank
•From that position, brace your core and lift one foot off the floor
•You can hold that position for the entire set – 60 to 90 seconds – and then do the second set with the other leg raised, or switch legs halfway through each set

The Superman:

Level: Intermediate
•Lie on your stomach. Stretch both your arms out in front of you. Make sure both your legs are straight behind you.
•Lift your head, chest, arms and legs off the ground.
•Hold this position for 3 – 5 seconds. Now go back to the starting position.
•Repeat 10 times.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My New Life As A Runner

I never thought I would ever be a runner. I have never in my life been able to run over 2 miles without feeling like I was about to suffer a cardiac arrest, but somehow I have turned into "a runner." One week after I started working out I saw a flyer at my friend's salon for a 5k. I am not really sure what overtook me, but I immediately signed up to do it. Mind you at this point, I had not run in 2 years and had never been anywhere near running 3 miles. But something in me wanted to push myself more than I ever have. That is the beauty of running. In the beginning you think to yourself, "This is f**king ridiculous!! What in God's name am I doing? My body can't handle this. I hate this!!!" But once you get stronger and start hitting milestones you think to yourself, "Holy shit, I am invincible! My body is a machine! I can do anything! I just ran _____ miles!!!!" It is a high unlike anything else. I have done yoga (which I love) zumba, and boot camp type classes and nothing compares.

And the best part about running??? It's one of the best activities you can do to lose weight. Running at a moderate pace of 5 mph will burn 472 calories for 130 lb. person, 563 calories for a 155 lb., and 690 calories for a 190 lb. person in one hour. I'll take it!

So how to get started?? Do your research. I watched countless videos on YouTube specifically for ChiRunning, which reduces your risk of injury and teaches you how to run properly. Learn the right techniques for landing your feet on the pavement and proper posture.

Start slow. I had a little over 2 weeks to prepare for my first 5k (I would not recommend this time frame, as most people need 6-8 weeks). Your body will tell you how far you can take it, so trust your intuition. Running/walking is a great way to start. Go at your own pace,work on proper breathing, and keep building up your mileage everyday. In less than 3 weeks (after the race) I made it to 4 miles and I felt great! I also highly recommend a running partner. My best friend and I have totally motivated each other to keep going when the other person was worn out.

Feel like you can't do it?? Have you ever seen a fat person running?


Food and Exercise Journal

Here's a sample of a week's entries. It is important to stick to all natural foods. I have never been one to eat anything processed, so sticking to a healthy diet was relatively simple.

These are foods that I have cut out from my every day eating:

White Carbs: pasta, bread, cereal, tortillas, etc.
Substitutes: Beans, granola, trail mix, nuts

Sugar- Ummmm do you need examples??
Substitutes: Honey, dark chocolate

Fatty Dairy and Animal Proteins: Cheese, bacon, sausage
Substitutes: Salmon, Chicken, Greek yogurt, protein shakes(w/ unsweetened almond milk)

Breakfast- Eggs (I sub egg whites cooked with one whole egg), black beans, salsa
Lunch- Caesar salad w/salmon
Snack- Carrots with hummus
Dinner- Salmon w/squash
Exercise- 1 hour BodyPump class

Breakfast- Eggs, black beans, salsa
Lunch- Chicken with green beans
Snack- Carrots with hummus
Dinner- Veggie plate
Exercise- 100 crunches, 35 min. cardio, 15 min. weights

Breakfast- Frittata
Lunch- Protein shake
Snack- Pumpkin Seeds
Dinner- Salmon and veggies
Snack- Apple w/ peanut butter
Exercise- .7 run 1 mile walk

Breakfast- Protein shake
Lunch- 1/2 Greek flatbread & 1/2 Spinach salad
Snack- Almonds
Dinner- Chicken w/ veggies, 2 glasses of wine
Snack- 1oz Dark chocolate
Exercise- 3 mile walk/run

Breakfast- Eggs w/ black beans & salsa
Lunch- Salad & a beer
Dinner- Salmon w/veggies
Snack- Apple w/peanut butter
Exercise- 45 min cardio, 1.5 mile walk/run, 15 min. weights

Breakfast- Yogurt w/granola
Lunch- Veggie plate
Snack- Apple w/ peanut butter
Dinner- Steak and lobster w/veggies
Dessert- Creme brulee
Exercise- 3 mile run

Breakfast: Eggs w/black beans and salsa
Lunch: Salad
Dinner- Salmon and veggies
Exercise- Rest day

So I used pretty much the same menu and it did not get boring....it's only 7 days! The next week I spiced it up and subbed protein shakes or yogurt for breakfast, multiple healthy snacks instead of one big lunch, and chicken w/veggies or large salads for dinner.

Water is your best friend! 8 cups a day, no excuses!

The First 30 Days

After years or gaining, losing, starving, fasting, binge eating, going up in sizes and down in sizes, I think I have finally listened to what every healthy person says about permanent weight loss: DO IT THE RIGHT WAY. By right way I mean get off your chubby ass, move your body (sweating is great too) and eat a balanced diet. I love the easy way, the quick fix, I want to see pounds gone on the scale daily, but the only way I ever accomplished that was by consuming zero carbs or fasting. These are both fabulous diets if you are aiming for the general look of malnourishment, not to mention having a severe lack of energy.

My first low carb diet was about 5 years ago. I didn't know anything about the risks of eating bacon and red meat everyday, all I cared about was knowing that I lost 16lbs my first month! Wow! Too bad I love bread, and as soon as I decided I wanted to eat a sandwich, it was all over. 5 years later and I'm heavier than I have ever been. Anytime someone tags a picture of me online I cringe at the thought of 3 chins or having the belly of a woman who is 5 months pregnant.

My diet was not my only issue, I drank a lot of alcohol and had been smoking for 15 years. Ugh! Typing 15 makes me feel nauseous! I have never been one to make New Years resolutions, but when push comes to shove 2011 was a pretty shitty year, (and I am not one to complain) so some changes needed to made. On January 1st, I got on the patch, joined an online support group to track my daily progress, and I quit smoking....for good. During this time I also decided to fast from alcohol for 2 weeks, which was truly necessary. Then it was weight loss time. I officially started "my new lifestyle" on January 24th. One month in and I have lost 10lbs. 10lbs the right way and I have had pizza (several times) and a burger with fries. Everyone needs a little junk in their life, the key word is little not daily. This is my blog as I set off on a journey to lose 60lbs, well 50lbs now!

This is what I have learned so far:

JOIN A GYM- if you can not afford a gym you will eventually b/c my grocery bill has literally been cut in half. If you still can't afford a gym, start walking/jogging, buy a couple of 5lb weights, and start working out at home. YouTube and Hulu have great workout videos for free. Having a workout partner is also a major plus.

EAT A CONSISTENT DIET- I make a weekly menu and pretty much stick to the same meals & snacks, then switch it up every week. I fell like knowing exactly what I'm eating day in and day out has ceased any food anxiety.

START A FOOD & EXERCISE JOURNAL- I have never in my life done this, but it's so effective. It's kept me accountable and is an excellent way to track your process and stay patient. My third week in I gained 5lbs, normally I would have flipped out and starved myself for a day, but looking back on my entries there was nothing other than muscle gain causing the influx. The 5lbs (plus an extra 2) was gone by week 4.

ALLOW YOURSELF SOME LEEWAY- I ran my first 5K last weekend and had pizza and beer afterward. If you are working out consistently (at least 4-5 times a week) and eating a healthly well-balanced diet, you can have that unhealthy meal once a week. Not all day binge eating, but one big fatty meal to tide you over til next time. Plan accordingly! If I am going to a party, I plan on that being my indulgent day.

DON'T GET ON THE SCALE EVERY DAY AND GET OBSESSED- This is a very hard habit to break, especially if you are used to fab diets. Muscle weighs more than fat and you will gain a few pounds one week or none another week. Stay consistent and healthy and you will take it off. In the back of my mind I expected to lose more (afterall I have been working so hard!!) but you will lose more inches in the beginning and I have already lost quite a bit from my muffintop and stomach. Plus EVERY trainer will tell you that you need at least 6 weeks to start seeing results. So patience necessary!