Sunday, March 4, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar to Relieve Knee Pain

ACV and I are very, very good friends. It's medicinal properties are endless and I can not imagine my life without it....I know that's a bit much, but it's oddly true.

I was having very mild knee pain from running, so I began researching natural remedies. It came as no surprise that AVC was mentioned countless times. And better yet, this remedy works!

It's very simple, before bed:

Soak a rag (I prefer torn strips of an old t-shirt) in ACV
Lightly squeeze the rag and wrap it around your knee
Wrap the knee with saran wrap and sleep it off

I also tried this method on my husband's feet and he noticed a huge difference the next morning.

Dear ACV,
I love you.

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