Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bad Habits are Hard to Break

My husband is pretty unhealthy and I have been working on him hard for years to make better food decisions. We all have our weak spots, mine is Whataburger...especially after a few cocktails. Mmmm sweet loving junk food. A love affair that is most certainly(though you may not want to admit) a one way street. As much as you pour your heart and soul into a value meal, in the end it DOES NOT LOVE YOU! It hates you and wants to destroy your body and soul. It's like a bad one night stand that feels so good in the middle, but so not righteous when your pants come back on.

I woke up this morning to my husband vomiting up his left lung. This lasted ALL morning and into the afternoon. Like any other human being, he has bad habits, like picking up fast food on the way home from work at 1am, but he also suffers from serious migraines after said choices. Whether he smoked (very rare) or ate junk food, he will most certainly, 85% of the time, get a stomach ache that inadvertently turns into a full blown migraine/toilet session.

Me: "Honey you ate a bacon cheeseburger, 2 tacos AND and EGG ROLL???"
Him: "I know and I was doing so good, I know you're mad at me."
Me: "I'm not mad at you, but your body certainly is."
Him: "I'm learning."

We are all learning, some of us quicker than others. In the meantime here's a big fat middle finger to you Jack and fast food America. I hope that in the future, during times of hunger and exhaustion, we all have other healthy drive thru options...I hope.

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