Monday, February 27, 2012

Using The Internet For Good Not Gossip

We are all guilty of wasting time on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Perez Hilton...pick your poison. Personally I have a tiny addiction to Pinterest, and formally Facebook.

When I started getting healthy, I knew that I needed to slightly change a lot of my habits including what I was surfing for online. So everyday I would Google diets and exercise. It's amazing how much health information is out there, not to mention really great ways to work out smarter. So in essence I turned an unhealthy internet addiction into an informative one. Here are my two recommendations for the week:


Livestrong has countless information on great work outs, quitting smoking, healthy eating and more.

Everyday Health

Everyday Health has an option to make an account and start tracking your progress by logging your exercise and counting calories. It also has tons of information on health related news articles and real success stories.

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