Thursday, February 23, 2012

My New Life As A Runner

I never thought I would ever be a runner. I have never in my life been able to run over 2 miles without feeling like I was about to suffer a cardiac arrest, but somehow I have turned into "a runner." One week after I started working out I saw a flyer at my friend's salon for a 5k. I am not really sure what overtook me, but I immediately signed up to do it. Mind you at this point, I had not run in 2 years and had never been anywhere near running 3 miles. But something in me wanted to push myself more than I ever have. That is the beauty of running. In the beginning you think to yourself, "This is f**king ridiculous!! What in God's name am I doing? My body can't handle this. I hate this!!!" But once you get stronger and start hitting milestones you think to yourself, "Holy shit, I am invincible! My body is a machine! I can do anything! I just ran _____ miles!!!!" It is a high unlike anything else. I have done yoga (which I love) zumba, and boot camp type classes and nothing compares.

And the best part about running??? It's one of the best activities you can do to lose weight. Running at a moderate pace of 5 mph will burn 472 calories for 130 lb. person, 563 calories for a 155 lb., and 690 calories for a 190 lb. person in one hour. I'll take it!

So how to get started?? Do your research. I watched countless videos on YouTube specifically for ChiRunning, which reduces your risk of injury and teaches you how to run properly. Learn the right techniques for landing your feet on the pavement and proper posture.

Start slow. I had a little over 2 weeks to prepare for my first 5k (I would not recommend this time frame, as most people need 6-8 weeks). Your body will tell you how far you can take it, so trust your intuition. Running/walking is a great way to start. Go at your own pace,work on proper breathing, and keep building up your mileage everyday. In less than 3 weeks (after the race) I made it to 4 miles and I felt great! I also highly recommend a running partner. My best friend and I have totally motivated each other to keep going when the other person was worn out.

Feel like you can't do it?? Have you ever seen a fat person running?


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