Thursday, February 23, 2012

Food and Exercise Journal

Here's a sample of a week's entries. It is important to stick to all natural foods. I have never been one to eat anything processed, so sticking to a healthy diet was relatively simple.

These are foods that I have cut out from my every day eating:

White Carbs: pasta, bread, cereal, tortillas, etc.
Substitutes: Beans, granola, trail mix, nuts

Sugar- Ummmm do you need examples??
Substitutes: Honey, dark chocolate

Fatty Dairy and Animal Proteins: Cheese, bacon, sausage
Substitutes: Salmon, Chicken, Greek yogurt, protein shakes(w/ unsweetened almond milk)

Breakfast- Eggs (I sub egg whites cooked with one whole egg), black beans, salsa
Lunch- Caesar salad w/salmon
Snack- Carrots with hummus
Dinner- Salmon w/squash
Exercise- 1 hour BodyPump class

Breakfast- Eggs, black beans, salsa
Lunch- Chicken with green beans
Snack- Carrots with hummus
Dinner- Veggie plate
Exercise- 100 crunches, 35 min. cardio, 15 min. weights

Breakfast- Frittata
Lunch- Protein shake
Snack- Pumpkin Seeds
Dinner- Salmon and veggies
Snack- Apple w/ peanut butter
Exercise- .7 run 1 mile walk

Breakfast- Protein shake
Lunch- 1/2 Greek flatbread & 1/2 Spinach salad
Snack- Almonds
Dinner- Chicken w/ veggies, 2 glasses of wine
Snack- 1oz Dark chocolate
Exercise- 3 mile walk/run

Breakfast- Eggs w/ black beans & salsa
Lunch- Salad & a beer
Dinner- Salmon w/veggies
Snack- Apple w/peanut butter
Exercise- 45 min cardio, 1.5 mile walk/run, 15 min. weights

Breakfast- Yogurt w/granola
Lunch- Veggie plate
Snack- Apple w/ peanut butter
Dinner- Steak and lobster w/veggies
Dessert- Creme brulee
Exercise- 3 mile run

Breakfast: Eggs w/black beans and salsa
Lunch: Salad
Dinner- Salmon and veggies
Exercise- Rest day

So I used pretty much the same menu and it did not get's only 7 days! The next week I spiced it up and subbed protein shakes or yogurt for breakfast, multiple healthy snacks instead of one big lunch, and chicken w/veggies or large salads for dinner.

Water is your best friend! 8 cups a day, no excuses!

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