Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Plastic Surgery Gone Terribly Wrong

I don't even know who this woman is, but God is totally punishing her! What a Micheal Jackson nightmare!

It kinda blows my mind that Darrell Hannah is the hippie sleeping in trees and getting arrested over countless environmental protests, and then turns around and does this to herself?!?!?

Obviously bad plastic surgery isn't Courtney Love's only issue.

No words.

Am I smiling? Sad? Confused? Scared? I don't know either.

I honestly has no idea Janice was this beautiful at one point in her life.

Cat lady!

So sad, what a natural beauty. 

Tori, Tori, Tori!!! 

Going for the Joanna Lumley in her 80s look

Celebs that choose good skin care over the knife/injections and look amazing:

It's never too late to take back the radiant skin from your past.  Check out the Redefine Regimen here & amazing before and after pics from our clients:

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